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The thanksgiving holiday is right around the corner. During your preparations and turkey dinner, please keep in mind the restrictions of our buildings pipe systems.

You and your neighbors share a common kitchen line, and when this line is overtaxed with garbage disposal debris, it’s likely to result in a kitchen backup.

The best practice is to dispose of all debris in the trashcan - this means the unwanted sections of fruit and veggies, excess fat from meats, even egg shells. Plates should be scraped into the trash, and only the remaining tidbits washed down the disposal.

Items like grease, rice, pasta, turkey skins and coffee grounds should never be put down the drains.

If you find that your kitchen sink is backing up, please call the emergency line as your kitchen line may be clogged.  Please do not continue to run your disposal as this may cause the backup to be pushed into your neighbors sink, causing damage.

Please view our garbage disposal etiquette (pdf).


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